Extreme Sheep Herding

This is cute, but I’m not sure I believe it’s real. What do you think? Take a look…


I think it’s obvious they’ve sped it up in places to make the effect. But, other than that…I’m just not sure.

Weigh in in the comments.

Even if it’s fake, I think it’s a testament to creativity. All you need to make something pretty cool is some lights, some sheep and some well trained sheep-herding dogs, (and maybe some video editing equipment).

About Tentative Equinox North

I live in small town mortgaged suburbia and commute a long ways to work as an arts administrator in a biggish city in the Great White North. I have one husband, three kids (1 girl and 2 boys), and one very enthusiastic Labrador-Retriever cross with Marley-ish tendencies. These are the things I tend to write about (not to be considered an exhaustive or otherwise limiting list): parenting and in particular parenting kids with brain challenges (learning disabilities, ADHD, and aspergers), the arts, particularly the performing arts, the weirdness of life and human behaviour, my conspiracy theory that we actually live in a Matrix-world (don't even bother trying to tell me we don't), and really, anything shiny.
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2 Responses to Extreme Sheep Herding

  1. Yes?? No?? Either way, I’m sure PETA is pissed.

  2. It is very clever but there is no way you could get sheep to keep such uniformed formation. Its great to watch though.

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