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Of Oil Leaks and Knighthood on St. Valentine’s Day

So, it was an eventful Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is my husband’s birthday. (I detest the expression DH when referring to one’s husband in e-communications. You will not see the two letters DH strung together on this website). As I … Continue reading

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Pothole Public Service Announcement

This is a pothole public service announcement for all you Vancouver area commuters. (I will now use my patented funnel-down method) If you are going to use the Oak Street Bridge to head into Vancouver, stay out of the left lane at least … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Traffic Reporters

Dear Traffic Reporters: I am a busy woman and I have too much noise in my life. So, when I’m driving I want quiet time. But I also need to listen to the traffic report to make sure I’m not … Continue reading

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