Poem to a Teenager – by Issa Light

I just had to share with y’all this beautiful poem by Issa Light (formerly Jane Siberry). She is such a great artist and everyone should run to her site, myspace page and be patrons of her art by buying stuff from her Pay What You Want store.

Poem to a Teenager

the hardest thing I’ve ever done

is to stand back when I wanted to run

after your tiny unprotected back

as you walk out into the world

steadfast, trusting


but stand back I must

for I must trust that this is your own unique particular journey


I know that you will be moving through

the perfect trials and tribulations that will teach you what you need to unfold unto yourself and the universe


and at a certain point

you will move beyond the world within which i grew and my experiences will carry less helpfulness you will have to move into original thought finding your own unique way to transform into the silken ear the strange challenges of today’s world know that there is nothing you could say or do that will stop me from loving and respecting you.


and as you move across the narrow bridge that particularly dangerous time called being a teenager making your way alone, as you must your precious hands learning the twist and rough of rope as you move forward on the narrow bridge high above the abyss as others, and perhaps you before, may have slipped and slid givens now giving way the hiss of pebbles raining past


know that we are waiting on the other side praying, urging you on towards safety in this particularly perfectly difficult part of your private journey between you and the largesse of your soul


may these words be contained in a private place in your heart and not forgotten in a time of need that you might remember and reach for me call me from anywhere, anytime and if not from a phone, then directly from your heart for surely this is more possible now and greater to come


– – –


the hardest thing I’ve ever done

is to stand back when I wanted to run

after your tiny, unprotected back


– – –


get safely through, little friend

we are nearby, waiting for you


in the end, we are all one

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6 Responses to Poem to a Teenager – by Issa Light

  1. Isn’t it? Every time I read it I get a bit misty.

  2. Claire Anne says:

    I’ve never considered that perspective before–how hard it must be to stand back. It’s a bit melancholy but so hopeful.

  3. LS says:

    I want to share this poem w/my daughter, but before I do I need some clarification on the line “…may have slipped and slid givens now giving away…”
    What is “givens?” What should it really say?
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    • I copied and pasted it so that must be what it was intended to say. I think it’s referring to the things that we’ve taken as givens. For instance, it’s a given that the sun will come back tomorrow. When we go through an adolescence the givens of our life come into question, they get re-examined. Is this still true for me?

  4. LS says:

    Thanks! That makes total sense. I appreciate your help!

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