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Persona, have you met your Shadow?

A man is standing beside the road. He is a middle-aged man. He has a bald spot and a circle of brown spiky hair. He is dressed in a pressed tweed jacket, pressed dress pants, shiny dress shoes–all high-end labelled … Continue reading

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Okay, I have to post something just to post something. I’m posting an imperfect, uninteresting, poorly written post so I can stop putting it off until I can do the opposite of what I just listed. I’m here. I’m back. I … Continue reading

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Ode to an Escaped Feather

Oh lusty feather, Who once poked the spines of those           who leaned for comfort on overly expensive throw cushions. Spine meeting spine. You once clung to the back of a brown spotted bird          of some kind, If your … Continue reading

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Read it again and again and again Mommy.

The five-year-old has a new obsession: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. The book is missing its cover, the first 8 pages and comes in two sections, courtesy of the abuse he bestowed upon it when he didn’t want … Continue reading

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Tuesday BITS — A couple of interesting tidbits.

Today is the Discussion of Trinity of Brain Issues (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Aspergers) and the Treatment Thereof Tuesday (DTBITTT) or in short form Tuesday BITs. Just a couple of quick things: Watch for a repeat of this programme, Fixing … Continue reading

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Bjournal Gardening

I’ve been feeling a bit lost on this whole bjournalling thing. Remember the stages of creativity I posted a while back? I’m at stage 15-16. Every day I seem to be discovering writers with better observations, more important life missions, … Continue reading

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Wrench-throwin’ Season

Every year I believe that my yearly brochure will come together easily and quickly. I believe I will have illustrations at my fingertips, sparkling show copy will virtually write itself, I will know what logos need to be included and … Continue reading

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