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Thoughts on a Sad Anniversary

The last two weeks of my Mom’s life were very hard–for me, my Dad, my siblings, her grandkids, and I suppose hardest of all for my Mom. Not that she was very lucid anymore. What started out as breast cancer … Continue reading

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Dear 2011,

I’ve been waiting for you. Wait, I’m being a little creepy aren’t I? I mean we just met and all and here I am heaping all these expectations on you–hoping, dreaming, believing, YEARNING for you to be THE ONE. You … Continue reading

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May your Solstice be Dark

Welcome to the Winter Solstice. The sun, such as it is, here in Vancouver rose at 8:05 AM and will set at 4:17 PM. Just over 8 hours of wet grey and then 12 hours of wet black. That’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Muse Sighting II

He cycles past me going the wrong way on a one-way street. He is mounted on an old city-style bicycle. Of course the bike is old enough that when he bought it, it didn’t have the descriptor city-style, it was just a … Continue reading

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Late week update

I know, what’s with the dearth of postings? Christmas holidays are over Tentative Equinox North. And I hate reading posts that start off with “Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.” But there you go. I also thought I would never say … Continue reading

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Why so tense Mom?

I sometimes have moments when everything becomes clear. I understand why my hair is going grey, why I suffer from tension headaches, and why there always needs to be beer in the fridge. This afternoon, I had one of those … Continue reading

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Who was that masked man?

Whew! Is he gone? I didn’t want to say anything bad about 2008 while he was still in the room, but like, WOAH! Where did that year COME from? AND a leap year to boot so we got to enjoy his company … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Philosophy

Someone got directed to my site using “winter solstice philosophy” as their search string. Sometimes I’m baffled by what Google thinks I have answers to. But, Google, since you’ve put your faith in me, I gave it a little bit of thought. … Continue reading

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Another Random Act of Kindness

We have been hit with snow. Whoo boy. For us pansy-ass West Coasters it is apocalyptic snow–the like of which we haven’t seen round these parts for over a decade. We’re breaking some 40 year old records for cold. The wind … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness

Today, I went shopping. I needed to get frames to frame the pictures that we’re getting for some un-named in-laws. This was the fourth store that I had been at–who knew that frames were such a difficult thing to find? Now, … Continue reading

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