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The Redemption of the 20-Somethings

It would be easy for me to fold up this little laptop and decide there are much more productive things to do be doing with my day. After all, there are a hundred more ways I could be more productive. … Continue reading

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Sunday Personals: Seeking Accountability Coach

In keeping with Havi Brooks’ latest (and I have to say, awesome) ritual of posting a personal ad each Sunday for all manner of things she needs, I am going to do the same.   I am looking for an Accountability … Continue reading

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Truth in Titles

Our X-Box 360 needs to be sent to the mothership for repairs. It’s got a severe case of the lockjaw, poor thing. It either can’t or won’t open its maw to receive or discharge the feeding discs (okay, the games, if you … Continue reading

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Another Random Act of Kindness

We have been hit with snow. Whoo boy. For us pansy-ass West Coasters it is apocalyptic snow–the like of which we haven’t seen round these parts for over a decade. We’re breaking some 40 year old records for cold. The wind … Continue reading

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