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Farewell Mom

Yesterday, after a two and a half year battle with metastatic breast cancer, my Mom passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family. I expect she’s already striking up a committee, seeing what needs to be done, getting herself involved. … Continue reading

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The Redemption of the 20-Somethings

It would be easy for me to fold up this little laptop and decide there are much more productive things to do be doing with my day. After all, there are a hundred more ways I could be more productive. … Continue reading

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Thyroid – B9!

Oh my stars, I can breathe again. The pathology from the thyroid biopsy is in and all indicators are that it’s benign. A hyperplastic nodule is the official term. Quoting from the report on my 2.7 cm solid lesion (ewww, … Continue reading

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Who put that card reader here?

We have had an ongoing battle with our personal household Gollum who seems to have developed a taste for all things camera-related. First it was the card reader, then the battery charger, then the card reader that I bought to replace … Continue reading

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Wahoo Wednesday the First

It’s Wahoo Wednesday. The day I share with you the stuff I’m going WAHOOO! about. Wahoo 1 for the Internet This is a tale with many turns. I will start where most stories start, where it all started. I don’t … Continue reading

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Star Trek Epiphany

Today is the still awkwardly-named Discussion of Trinity of Brain Issues (Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Aspergers) and the Treatment Thereof Tuesday. DTBITTT. I don’t know that my day should sound like a raspberry. Maybe for the time being we could … Continue reading

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Lessons from my Mom

This is my Mom and me in the ‘Peg circa 1968.     Did someone skin a Cookie Monster to get the pelt for that coat? I’m a muppetized moppet. I love that you can’t see my hands. Wasn’t I just adorable? More to … Continue reading

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