Who put that card reader here?

We have had an ongoing battle with our personal household Gollum who seems to have developed a taste for all things camera-related. First it was the card reader, then the battery charger, then the card reader that I bought to replace the first one he took. But apparently, I spoke too soon, because it was the Pool-Boy who had taken the card reader for (rolling my eyes) work-related purposes. Like that’s somehow more important then my need to fill my bjournal with point-underscoring pictures?

Note the handy label on the top drawer.

Note the handy label on the top drawer.

Anyway, because I was so frustrated looking for the damn thing, I bought a handy little three-drawer desk thingie for $5.00 to keep all these cards and card readers, so at least it would have a home. I felt much better knowing that if the drawer was empty that meant that someone was using it rather than it had just vanished. Which of course was exactly what happened yesterday when I went to post my theatre in the trash can photo.

So, I waited for the Pool-Boy to come home. As soon as he walked in the door, I believe I gave him a token hello, how ya doing, before I accused him of removing the card reader from its drawer, so don’t believe anything he tells you differently. Once he confessed, I grabbed the card reader from him and scurried off to complete my photo posting.

And while I was there, I figured I would take one more look at the sound situation, because for the last four weeks we haven’t had sound on the computer and we can’t figure out why. So, I was merrily plugging and unplugging things from the computer when I noticed these slots on the front of the computer. I decided to take a closer look and do you know what I found?

Well do you?

You guessed it. My computer has BUILT IN CARD READERS!

Four different kinds, in fact, including the SD card which is the one I needed. I know this is blurry, but just look…


I had the answer to my problem the whole time. I only needed to look around me.

But I needed to look not for the solution I knew to be the solution, which amounts to tunnel vision.

I needed to look for the solution that was there right in front of me but off to the side, and kind of hidden in the dark.

I needed to be open to alternatives.

And then I had an epiphany.

I have everything I need.

I know all the right people.

Other right people will find me.

I have all the solutions in front of me, just off to the side a little and perhaps hidden in the dark. But they are there.

So, I’m going to stop being frustrated when I can’t solve a problem.

I will remember that I already have the answer, I just need to take a look around me and and see what God or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it, has already brought to me.

This is a song from Altar Boyz. Although the show is both a comedy and a light satire, I found this song quite moving, especially the line “I believe that I came to know you for a reason.”

So for all you reading this, there’s a reason we’ve come to know each other. Even if it’s just so you can tell me how to fix the sound on my computer.



One beam of light, is enough to see where you’re going
One wrong turn, is enough to loose your way
One choice, is all you have to make
One ounce of faith could save the day
I believe, that I came to know you for a reason
I believe, that the things that you say will come true
I believe that with you in my life I’ll make it
I believe in you .stlyrics

One Mistake, doesn’t have to mean that it’s over

One bad day, only means there’s work to do

One night, is sometimes all it takes

To realize one thing is true
I believe, that I came to know you for a reason
I believe, that the things that you say will come true
I believe that with you in my life I’ll make it
I believe in you

Take a picture of me now, take a look at who I am
Yesterday I wasn’t half as strong

[Abe, Juan, Luke, and Mark]
Take a picture of us all, what we’ve been and what we are
Look at that, and tell me I’m wrong


[Abe, Juan, Luke, Mark]
That I came to know you for a reason

I believe, that the things that you say will come true


I believe that with you in my life I’ll make it
I believe in you
I believe in


[Abe, Juan, Luke, Mark]
I believe in


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