Tuesday BITS — A couple of interesting tidbits.

Today is the Discussion of Trinity of Brain Issues (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Aspergers) and the Treatment Thereof Tuesday (DTBITTT) or in short form Tuesday BITs.

Just a couple of quick things:

Watch for a repeat of this programme, Fixing The Brain. It’s quite a good documentary about the Arrowsmith Program. Here’s my one quarrel with this documentary. Repeatedly there is this woman who comes on and harps about how she believes the Arrowsmith Program is a fraud. Then it’s announced mid-way through the programme that the harping woman has designed her own special education system. So, while I get the need to have balanced reporting, that actually wasn’t balanced at all, but someone having a bad case of sour grapes that her education system isn’t getting the attention that the Arrowsmith Program is. Still, the programme ends on a really positive note in that a brain researcher is actually going to do brain scans of kids going to the Arrowsmith Program, kids who do different programs and kid who do not alternative programs at all, to see if the claims that Arrowsmith makes are justified. Can’t wait for THAT documentary.

And here’s an interesting article about the different ways that autistic children learn new behaviours:

As compared to their typically developing peers, children with autism relied much more on their own internal sense of body position (proprioception), rather than visual information coming from the external world to learn new patterns of movement. Furthermore, researchers found that the greater the reliance on proprioception, the greater the child’s impairment in social skills, motor skills and imitation.

This seems to get back to the something that I’ve observed before about that body-mind connection. I think there’s a big important Aha! waiting for us there. I’m going to start taking the kids and myself through Anat Baniel’s 9 steps to a more vital life through enhancing that body-mind connection.

So, have you got anything else for us?

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