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Aren’t they (ah…ahh..choo!) lovely (sniffff) ?

A little picture of spring to celebrate today’s vernal equinox. Even though today I’m going to put a rib out with all my sneezing from said cherry tree blossoms, I couldn’t be more happy to welcome the Equinox. I love … Continue reading

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Good-bye Trees

So, when I said daily, clearly what I meant was I would THINK about posting daily and ACTUALLY post just every few days. Sheesh. Hey, at least I made it two days in a row. In my defense, I had a hard day … Continue reading

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Ode to an Escaped Feather

Oh lusty feather, Who once poked the spines of those           who leaned for comfort on overly expensive throw cushions. Spine meeting spine. You once clung to the back of a brown spotted bird          of some kind, If your … Continue reading

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Bjournal Gardening

I’ve been feeling a bit lost on this whole bjournalling thing. Remember the stages of creativity I posted a while back? I’m at stage 15-16. Every day I seem to be discovering writers with better observations, more important life missions, … Continue reading

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Dilbert 2.0

A quick review of Dilbert 2.0, plus a bonus flight of fancy about a Dilbert Signal (kind of like a Bat Signal, but different). Continue reading

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Introducing The Book Pile

I’ve added a page to my site called The Book Pile 2009. On this page, I will list the books that I have on my nightstand each month and add quick reviews as I finish them, (or in some cases the reason why they … Continue reading

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Meh? Really?

Do you think we should really be so excited about the word ‘meh‘? I mean, doesn’t anyone else find it just a little ironic that there’s all this fuss and bother about a word that signifies indifference? It’s really a rags … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo08: I DID IT!!!

I did it. You read that right I. DID. IT. !!!!!! Just before 12:30 today, I got to 50,031 words for NaNoWriMo08. Insert happy dance here… Look, I’m a winner. I have a badge that says so:   Now, I’m going to … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo08: Porch of Maidens I.Q.F. (excerpt 5)

There was a woman in a toga standing by the side of the road. She shivered in the early spring breeze, the kind of breeze which made everyone comment “Wow, it may be sunny, but it sure isn’t summer yet.” … Continue reading

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Set your Tivos

For those of you that have not yet read The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, (I may have mentioned it once or twice on this here bjournal) here’s your chance to get some information without having to read word … Continue reading

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