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Read it again and again and again Mommy.

The five-year-old has a new obsession: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. The book is missing its cover, the first 8 pages and comes in two sections, courtesy of the abuse he bestowed upon it when he didn’t want … Continue reading

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Bjournal Gardening

I’ve been feeling a bit lost on this whole bjournalling thing. Remember the stages of creativity I posted a while back? I’m at stage 15-16. Every day I seem to be discovering writers with better observations, more important life missions, … Continue reading

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Dilbert 2.0

A quick review of Dilbert 2.0, plus a bonus flight of fancy about a Dilbert Signal (kind of like a Bat Signal, but different). Continue reading

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The Muddiness of Mud

For Christmas 1978 I received a 1979 Calendar. It was The Dennis Lee and Frank Newfeld Alligator Pie Calendar with delightful drawings (by Frank Newfeld) and an accompanying poem for each month (by Dennis Lee). Most of these poems I can still recite … Continue reading

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Introducing The Book Pile

I’ve added a page to my site called The Book Pile 2009. On this page, I will list the books that I have on my nightstand each month and add quick reviews as I finish them, (or in some cases the reason why they … Continue reading

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Set your Tivos

For those of you that have not yet read The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, (I may have mentioned it once or twice on this here bjournal) here’s your chance to get some information without having to read word … Continue reading

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I’m in!

I’m taking the plunge. I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, and then a couple of blogs I stalk read are also participating, so I felt it was … Continue reading

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