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Anthropology of the School Concert

I attended the school’s variety show yesterday. I LOVE school concerts. I love the earnestness, the nervousness, the vulnerability. It makes me cry when the school band plays a song together. It’s an amazing accomplishment really to be playing a song … Continue reading

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Benjamin Zander on TED

I am very excited today, because WordPress will now let us embed TED talks into posts. Let the trumpets sound, or at least some inspirational, insightful and entertaining lectures. Benjamin Zander is the co-author of The Art of Possibility, one … Continue reading

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Welcome spring!

I don’t think I’ve been quite so excited to greet a Vernal Equinox before. Welcome spring. Thank God you’re here. We thought winter would never leave.     I recommend getting the real song “Canada in Springtime” by Free Design … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S Choreography

This is the song that’s accompanying our dance in my beginner’s tap class (we’re going to have a recital and everything):     How have I never seen this before when 44 MILLION other people have? There’s no other explanation–you’ve been … Continue reading

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I’m not sure this one’s ripe enough.

My daughter is joining the school band this year. After submitting a preference form, we had to wait to see what instrument she would be assigned. This is what she wrote in her planner: Buy tender saxophone Do you think … Continue reading

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Ode to Light

Read the previous entry and then watch this. It will all make sense.      I feel better already.

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I had a perfect evening on Wednesday. My friend (and voice teacher) and I went to see the Finnish a capella ensemble Rajaton perform at the Festival Vancouver. First, we went to the Shaughnessy Restaurant at Van Dusen Gardens. We sat … Continue reading

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Tell me, but quietly and out of earshot of the daycare ladies

If you’ve been following this bjournal for a while you might recall I vowed to stop lurking in doorways. I took a big step out of the doorway by deciding to submit my name to audition for professional theatre companies–and … Continue reading

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10 Things

In random order these are the things occupying my brainspace and time: 1) My daughter has just finished her full-day speech-language assessment, the last component of the larger assessment to determine if she is on the autism spectrum or if … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been thinking about the idea of qualified and sanctioned. Who gets the right to tell us what things to like and dislike? Why are these experts more qualified than our own nose to sniff out what we like in … Continue reading

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