Welcome spring!

I don’t think I’ve been quite so excited to greet a Vernal Equinox before. Welcome spring. Thank God you’re here. We thought winter would never leave.



I recommend getting the real song “Canada in Springtime” by Free Design from their Raindrops album. This will have to do for now.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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2 Responses to Welcome spring!

  1. Juliet says:

    Oh yes! I’m so having spring fever. The windows have been down, sun roof open, enjoying every second of this warm(ish) weather.

  2. @ Juliet. You wouldn’t believe the weather we had here. Everything from torrential rain, to thunderstorms to high winds. The only thing we were missing was snow. Today, though, spring is truly here. Sunny, brisk, a hint of warmth. Perfect!

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