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Good-bye Trees

So, when I said daily, clearly what I meant was I would THINK about posting daily and ACTUALLY post just every few days. Sheesh. Hey, at least I made it two days in a row. In my defense, I had a hard day … Continue reading

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Everything new is old again

My extra-busy work season ended Sunday at 5:45. It’s nice to have a nice marker like that, a ribbon tied across the track to launch, or in my case, stagger, through, panting, red-faced, and sweating, and if not victorious, at … Continue reading

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Brain thinking thoughts about Brains

I’ve been thinking a lot about brains lately. It’s a side effect of having a child with brain issues. I’ve begun to wonder if the primary focus of brain training should primarily be to train the executive function. Because if … Continue reading

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Red Pen Rebel

April 10th is my good friend Michaeleen’s birthday. She was killed in a car accident almost 20 years ago, but I still miss her. We became friends in Grade 3, and remained good friends up until her death at the … Continue reading

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I, Widget

You are approved. Operation prohibited by disc. You have 81 friends. This page has a skabillion hits. You are not authorized to access this information. You know those movies where killer Robots take over the world? I, Robot or Terminator are … Continue reading

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My List O’ Tears

Be warned. This entry contains spoilers. I’ve been thinking about the things in life that are so beautiful they bring us to tears. I don’t mean things that are sad necessarily, but those things that make us cry just from their … Continue reading

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