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30 Things I Love Right Now

Inspired by the ongoing series by this guy, and in late tribute to Canadian Thanksgiving here are 30 things I love right now: (1) Hot, hot, HOT baths in my new soaker tub especially when also accompanied by… (2) an … Continue reading

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Happy Second Half of the Year!

Greetings my sweet little bjournal. I know. I know! It’s been ages. I know. I’m sorry. No need for yelling. Yes, I still love you. Yes, I’ve missed you. I know I’ve been neglectful of all the stuff half formed in my mind that wanted … Continue reading

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Okay, I have to post something just to post something. I’m posting an imperfect, uninteresting, poorly written post so I can stop putting it off until I can do the opposite of what I just listed. I’m here. I’m back. I … Continue reading

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Wahoo Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

Today’s theme seems to be simple creativity. People being creatively genius with nothing much but a simple idea and simple tools. First up: Did you notice my cool new bjournal header? This was done through the oh so much fun … Continue reading

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The Way of the Brochure — Journey’s End

WAHOOOOOOO!!!!! My brochure is finally triple proofed and that ain’t no drink although it should be because I’m drunk on the realization that that brochure which went through 18 drafts and that ain’t no drinking game is finally, after almost … Continue reading

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A Couple of Pieces of Happy

Well, my friends, it’s been another good week. My karmic wheel must be on an upswing because I even got a parking spot about 20 feet away from the beach this evening. I know! Woah! So, I have no major … Continue reading

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Everything new is old again

My extra-busy work season ended Sunday at 5:45. It’s nice to have a nice marker like that, a ribbon tied across the track to launch, or in my case, stagger, through, panting, red-faced, and sweating, and if not victorious, at … Continue reading

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See a picture of snow in my car. Continue reading

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Things I Love Today

These are some things I love today: Roasted red pepper hummus Tap dance class This picture of my son: Logitech’s Harmony 1100 Universal Remote — c’mon! a remote with its very own screen? How  cool is that? Balega’s Hidden Comfort socks — … Continue reading

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Late week update

I know, what’s with the dearth of postings? Christmas holidays are over Tentative Equinox North. And I hate reading posts that start off with “Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.” But there you go. I also thought I would never say … Continue reading

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