Wahoo Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

Today’s theme seems to be simple creativity. People being creatively genius with nothing much but a simple idea and simple tools.

First up: Did you notice my cool new bjournal header? This was done through the oh so much fun spell with Flickr. This guy has found pictures that contain letters from photos on Flickr and then added them to a database. You can then click on the individual letters to change them to a different photo until you get something that pleases you. If you want to know all the sordid details about how I did it, including how I had to find my own X, leave a comment, otherwise enjoy!

H/T to @HollywoodTheo

Next up. Here is the story of Pride and Prejudice told through Twitter.

I can’t remember how I got there, but at any rate here’s the author @MadjustMad

And that made me remember the story of Hamlet told through Facebook which came to me quite some time ago on Facebook via forgotten sources (plus you can tell it’s the OLD Facebook, that’s how long ago it was).

So funny.

And then we have the simple creativity in finding the beautiful in the well, not quite right. The Fantastically Ugly — the Fugly if you will.

Awkward family photos 

H/T to @Havi who got it through @allpraxis.

Awkward theatre publicity photos. I was so relieved not to find myself on this site. BUT, I did find one that played at my day job. Guesses which one it is? The photo actually kind of captures its essence and the play itself was marvellous and resonating. So, you can’t always judge a play by its publicity photo.

H/T to @nextstagemag

Oh and some You Tube goodness:

The literal video translation of Total Eclipse of the Heart. So brilliant.


 H/T to Meg Fowler


And another piece of genius…

H/T to @Marie Phillips


So, have you got anything else for me?

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1 Response to Wahoo Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m loving http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com

    You can get lost in there for hours.

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