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Things I Love Today

The smell of fresh basil A delightful-to-me resolution for the scene that was vexing me. Caitlin Moran’s “How to Be A Woman“ The just-the-facts helpful guy at the appliance store The Tanqueray Tattletales on Humans of New York and the … Continue reading

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In the ‘hood

He’s tall, thin, and tweedy; dressed in a combination of wheat-coloured linens and wool and accented with dramatic scholarly tortoiseshell glasses and thick rumpled hair. His presence is out of sync in our little town that houses not one but … Continue reading

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Dismantling the Plans

I have become inspired by the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by marie kondo. The process marie has developed puts you back in relationship with your stuff as you go through … Continue reading

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My Year of Lightening Up

I’ve been thinking about how well (or not) our brains actually handle metaphors. For instance, there’s this study that demonstrates that individuals holding a warm beverage were more likely to rate the person that handed it to them as warm. … Continue reading

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Happy Second Half of the Year!

Greetings my sweet little bjournal. I know. I know! It’s been ages. I know. I’m sorry. No need for yelling. Yes, I still love you. Yes, I’ve missed you. I know I’ve been neglectful of all the stuff half formed in my mind that wanted … Continue reading

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The Redemption of the 20-Somethings

It would be easy for me to fold up this little laptop and decide there are much more productive things to do be doing with my day. After all, there are a hundred more ways I could be more productive. … Continue reading

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