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Wahoo Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

Today’s theme seems to be simple creativity. People being creatively genius with nothing much but a simple idea and simple tools. First up: Did you notice my cool new bjournal header? This was done through the oh so much fun … Continue reading

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Things I Love Today

These are some things I love today: Roasted red pepper hummus Tap dance class This picture of my son: Logitech’s Harmony 1100 Universal Remote — c’mon! a remote with its very own screen? How  cool is that? Balega’s Hidden Comfort socks — … Continue reading

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Introducing The Book Pile

I’ve added a page to my site called The Book Pile 2009. On this page, I will list the books that I have on my nightstand each month and add quick reviews as I finish them, (or in some cases the reason why they … Continue reading

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Who was that masked man?

Whew! Is he gone? I didn’t want to say anything bad about 2008 while he was still in the room, but like, WOAH! Where did that year COME from? AND a leap year to boot so we got to enjoy his company … Continue reading

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A Year in Bjournalling

So, my bjournal anniversary was on the 27th. (For those of you just joining us, I don’t like the word blog and have chosen to replace it in my universe with the word bjournal, much nicer don’t you think?) I have … Continue reading

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Pass it on–10 Positive Things About This Week

Well my friends, it’s been a week.  So, rather than curl up in my bed, I am taking a cue from Mahoney Musings and accentuating the positive: My Top 10 Positives about this week: A learning disabled daughter that received … Continue reading

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I’ve Got a Little List

Are any of you familiar with that song from The Mikado sung by the Lord High Executioner about all the people he has on a list should the need ever come to execute someone? For those who went eh? to … Continue reading

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Summer Accomplishments

My sister wrote a lovely, humourous, and thought-provoking post on the bittersweet ending of summer. And that made me want to write my own list. (But go view hers first)  This summer we accomplished: 1) Our first bona fide vacation with … Continue reading

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Don’t you just love it when…

the sun bursts through the clouds. last minute plans come through. the coffee’s ready. your kids exceed your expectations. its finally in stock. you’re inspired or, better yet, inspiring. someone makes you laugh yourself silly. that tabletop is clear. someone … Continue reading

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Don’t you just hate it when…

you forget that it’s garbage day and you just cleaned out the fridge, so now you not only have a full garbage can for an extra week, but really smelly garbage. you don’t want to. you lose things that normally … Continue reading

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