Pass it on–10 Positive Things About This Week

Well my friends, it’s been a week.  So, rather than curl up in my bed, I am taking a cue from Mahoney Musings and accentuating the positive:

My Top 10 Positives about this week:

  1. A learning disabled daughter that received a 33/44 on a math test where the class average was 32.
  2. A really positive IEP meeting at the school that resulted in my daughter starting JUMP Math AT SCHOOL rather than me having to convince her that it’s a good idea for us to do MORE math on evenings and weekends.
  3. My sons passing into the next level at swimming class.
  4. A loving labrador retriever who quietly lay her head in my lap and wagged her tail.
  5. Two of my kids who got called up on stage during The Imprentice. They did such a great job and have talked of little else for days. Actually, the whole evening brought some much needed laughter.
  6. Season 1 of Big Bang Theory on DVD.
  7. Friends who called to check up on me.
  8. Ice-cold Becks.
  9. Lemon-butter-dill sauce.
  10. Autumn leaves, especially when the trees make a glorious red and yellow canopy over the street.

And 1 extra one because this one goes to eleven:

11. Family coming together and rising to the challenge. It’s been a privilege to witness.

Now, I would love to hear some of your positives. Share!

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Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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2 Responses to Pass it on–10 Positive Things About This Week

  1. determinednspoken says:

    well, idk if you wanted a respond here or not (im new to this world) but here it goes anyway! :)

    1. Had a presentation to do at school on thursday and I was not ready, when I got to campus it was closed!

    2. Pizza on friday night ;)

    3. Pumpkin patch!

    4. Carmel apples with M&M’s

    5. Hung out with friends

    6. Awesome episode of Grey’s Anatomy

    7. Mexican breakfast taquitos and hot salsa

    8. Amazing Aerobic class

    9. Dark rainy day

    10. watched Coco Chanel the movie. It was actually pretty good and was pleased I sat three hours to watch it :) it was worth it

  2. Sarah says:

    Again, I reiterate: “Way to go Em!!”

    – Beautiful Autumn days, such as the one’s we’ve been having.
    – Squirrels that accept your gift of crackers (I’m making friends with the wildlife around my apartment).
    – I cannot stress this enough: family coming together.
    – Being able to make fun of myself. A breakthrough for me. (“Quick as a slow-cooker!”)
    – Value Village and the Salvation Army.
    – Cats that show appreciation for your visits by cuddling, draping themselves over your shoulder and purring so loudly the neighbors can hear!


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