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Reaper is a comin’

In which I inform the general public that the season premiere of Reaper is coming up on March 3, 2009. Continue reading

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The Mentalist

Watched The Mentalist last night. I think this is the first time I’ve made it all the way through an episode. Not because the show’s bad or anything, it’s just because, for some reason, I seem to be really tired on … Continue reading

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Set your Tivos

For those of you that have not yet read The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, (I may have mentioned it once or twice on this here bjournal) here’s your chance to get some information without having to read word … Continue reading

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Pass it on–10 Positive Things About This Week

Well my friends, it’s been a week.  So, rather than curl up in my bed, I am taking a cue from Mahoney Musings and accentuating the positive: My Top 10 Positives about this week: A learning disabled daughter that received … Continue reading

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Ode to Light

Read the previous entry and then watch this. It will all make sense.      I feel better already.

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Summer Love

I think I’m having a summer fling with a television show. Well, who knows if this is just summer love. Maybe this love affair will last into the next season. But if it’s just for the summer I guess that’s … Continue reading

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