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Reaper is a comin’

In which I inform the general public that the season premiere of Reaper is coming up on March 3, 2009. Continue reading

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The Mentalist

Watched The Mentalist last night. I think this is the first time I’ve made it all the way through an episode. Not because the show’s bad or anything, it’s just because, for some reason, I seem to be really tired on … Continue reading

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My BEST EVER celebrity sightings that NEVER HAPPENED. And don’t think I’m not still miffed about it.

There were two other celebrity sightings that I left off of yesterdary’s post. Both involved a nearly naked…     Mr. Manly-Man, who can also sing and dance but that doesn’t take away from his manliness AT ALL but only … Continue reading

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Celebrity Sightings

I think I saw this guy at the Public Market on Thursday:   It was weird, because I looked at him and immediately thought, “Ohmigod, it’s him!” but then re-thought that, “No it isn’t.” Because he didn’t look like his pictures … Continue reading

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