Reaper is a comin’

Okay, I’m all a-twitter because last night I saw my first commercial heralding the return of …




It’s on CW (I don’t know what channel that is for you, it’s the same network where you can find 90210, which is, I don’t know, some show kids these days watch).

Season premiere is on…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 8/7C.

I’ve posted a little countdown thingie in the sidebar. So, if you forget, you can always check back.

If you’ve already seen and love Reaper, you’re welcome. If you haven’t tuned into it yet, might I suggest you start? I don’t want another Pushing Daisies on my hands. And our Vancouver actors need all the bit parts they can get.

Give it a chance. The cast is so good, the writing is strong, and it’s just laugh out loud funny. Yes, lol for real. And hey! Kevin Smith is an executive producer and consultant on the show. That gives it some street cred right? Right?

But mostly, as I said last summer

Sock — Best. Sidekick. Ever.

Bert 'Sock' Wysoki -- Best. Sidekick. Ever.

Bert 'Sock' Wysoki -- Best. Sidekick. Ever.


Who’s in?

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4 Responses to Reaper is a comin’

  1. I am so ahead of you. I already have it written on the fridge calendar. In red.

    I can’t wait!

  2. cko says:

    Hi, so glad you’re promoting Reaper! Love your countdown clock; we have one going at, as well as lots of show talk, speculation, spoilers…and a chat room where we’re hoping to talk about the episodes as they air! Come join us as part of the small (hopefully growing) devoted fandom.

    And yeah, on Pushing Daisies. Wish we could touch it and bring it back to life.

  3. Pearl says:

    Tentative, honey, I will do my best. :-)

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