Either he’s psychic or we’ve been here before.

In keeping with my Rick Mercer Report theme, I wanted to report that we watched what turned out to be a re-run of The Rick Mercer Report on Tuesday. First of all, you have to watch this segment in which Rick gets to experience zero gravity. Have you ever seen anyone have so much fun?

Back to the point. I told Persephone, I believe one of our successes as parents, is that our kids LOVE to watch the Rick Mercer Report, including the 4-year-old. But I thought he liked it mostly because his big brother and sister liked it. Little did I know…

We got to this segment where Rick goes to visit the Waste Management Centre of Edmonton.

(Again, I wish I could embed, but WordPress just won’t do it. Just go to the link and then come back. You’ll remember to come back right? Can anyone, pretty please with sugar on top, for the love of God please tell me how to embed non-You-Tube videos into WordPress?)

Anyhoo…As the segment got to the point where Rick meets Francis (4:35) of the Recycling Line, Griffin says to me.

Rick Mercer finds a vacuum.

And lo and behold, at the 5:20 mark you will see, Rick finds a vacuum on the recycling line.

That kid saw that episode from 2 and a half months ago. And remembered it!


He didn’t get his memory from me let me tell you. I take after my mother who can watch movies and television episodes and then a couple of months later, they’re all brand new again. (Sorry Mom, you know it’s true.) No such thing as a re-run to us. As a matter of fact I SAW that Rick Mercer episode and I DID NOT remember the vacuum.

I love those moments when you realize that you can cross one worry off the list of anxieties.

Memory. Check.

Now, if I can just train him to observe where I’ve put my glasses, my keys, my purse and my coffee, I’ll be golden.

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