Best Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

After thorough and rigorous testing, it is my happy duty to report that The Best Tim Hortons is at 64th and 176th in Surrey — at least the drive-thru. You’re welcome.

Extra-large, double cream

Extra-large, double cream

After you place your order (extra-large coffee, double cream, 12-grain bagel toasted, side of peanut butter, side of honey, sprinkle donut [for the 4-year-old]), you go around the corner and as you pull up they are thrusting the coffee out the window for you while simultaneously taking your money and the order of the guy behind you, they give you the bagged items, your change, they giggle and fuss about how cute that kid in your back seat is, wish you a nice day and you are out of there. Total time: 13.45 seconds. I have no idea how they toast a bagel in less than a minute, maybe they use an arc welder or they have a flash toaster.

Ooh, now that I have that picture in my mind, I totally want that to be the case.

I think if you have exact change you don’t even need to stop, just slow down a little as they toss your order gently but efficiently into the car. I fully expect they could get the coffee into the drink holder without spilling a drop.

As a former human resources professional, I wonder what makes the difference between that drive-thru and the other ones. Why are they so on the ball, when 97.6% of the other drive-thrus are intently thinking about when their next break is, and why are people so fussy? You mean I have to push this button twice instead of once!? Taxing!

I wonder if they’ve recruited from former stock brokers — people trained on that crazed stock market floor. Perhaps just their manager was. What makes that difference in a work culture? 

Further research might be required.

Where’s your consistently good drive-thru experience? We need to know. This is for the public good!

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2 Responses to Best Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

  1. Jared says:

    I work at a Tim Hortons in Winnipeg, and I would like to think we have a pretty efficient drive-thru. While I appreciate you taking the time to recognize this particular drive-thru, I find it a little insulting when you said “97.6% of the other drive-thrus are intently thinking about when their next break is, and why are people so fussy? You mean I have to push this button twice instead of once!? Taxing!” I don’t think people recognize how difficult it is to work at a place that sells more hot drinks than any other chain on the continent. They take for granted how much work goes into preparing their own single cup of coffee, not to mention the other 2000+ cups a day. So I hope this makes you realize that we are doing our best, and if that isn’t good enough I’m sorry.

    • @ Jared. Having never been at your particular drive-thru, as I live three provinces away, I couldn’t say whether it measures up to my beloved 64th and 176th Street location. My 97.6% is merely a humourous attempt to quantify my observation of my experience at the drive-thrus that I’ve been to, (and not just Tim Hortons). And I have been sighed at and ignored while people staff discussed their weekend plans and flirted with each other, so I don’t think I’m out of line in observing that stellar customer service is not the norm at most drive-thrus. Readers can feel free to weigh in on their own experiences. I’m glad you’re trying your best because when people do (as this post attests to) I acknowledge it. I was mostly curious why this particular store is both fast and friendly when the one two miles away, let’s just say, isn’t. Why is the culture of a franchise so different store to store?

      Keep up the good work. I’m sure the people you serve at your window appreciate it.

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