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Lost and Found

Let me tell you the story of my hat. This hat came into my life on my birthday, March 15, in 2010. The day before, on March 14, at around 8:30pm or so, my husband casually said to me “So, … Continue reading

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In which I get Salty

So, I am really unforgivably late in posting this, but I am doing a thing. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’m going to give you a lot of links. The event is called Fourplay. It’s basically four episodes … Continue reading

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Watch This Space

Remember this post? Well, watch this space because in the next couple of weeks I will have something to announce. I know! The Thing! The Thing and Reality being somehow intertwined?! Whoah. And that’s all I can say. Except that … Continue reading

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In which I am self-serving, but in a good community-building kind of way, at least if you’re over 30.

Well, this post is my Wahoo Wednesday post. I know its Thursday, but we Canadians had a holiday on Monday (thank you Queen Victoria) and its messed me up. This week, I’m excited by an idea because I saw it … Continue reading

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And to think that I saw it on 6th Avenue

Driving down 6th Avenue around Cambie and that godawful mess created by the construction of the Canada Line, a black limousine catches my eye. It’s driving in the fast lane–slowly. Very slowly. As I get closer, the reason for it’s leisurely pace becomes apparent. There is … Continue reading

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Celebrity Sightings

I think I saw this guy at the Public Market on Thursday:   It was weird, because I looked at him and immediately thought, “Ohmigod, it’s him!” but then re-thought that, “No it isn’t.” Because he didn’t look like his pictures … Continue reading

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Vancouver Moment

A young man in his twenties cycles in the mist and threatening rain, adhering to no known traffic laws. His hair is longish and unruly in the fashion of the mid-twenties man, which I can see because he wears no helmet. He has … Continue reading

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