And to think that I saw it on 6th Avenue

Driving down 6th Avenue around Cambie and that godawful mess created by the construction of the Canada Line, a black limousine catches my eye. It’s driving in the fast lane–slowly. Very slowly. As I get closer, the reason for it’s leisurely pace becomes apparent. There is an artist’s canvas, about 6X6 in size, maybe larger, on the roof of the limo. It is not strapped down with rope or bungee cords, or anything of that nature. The windows in the back are rolled down just enough for the small, delicate hands of the passengers to extend out the window and hold the canvas “firmly” on the roof. Their knuckles are white with the effort.

A spontaneous purchase at an exhibition opening? An art auction with a no-holds on purchased merchandise policy? Minions on holiday?

I hope they catch up to the police car that I pass moments later. I would like to hear that explanation.

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3 Responses to And to think that I saw it on 6th Avenue

  1. I think the real question here is – did the hand look like it belonged to Kristen Stewart?

  2. OOOHHHHH!!!

    Wait. Do vampires swim? What the….why would they need to film there? Did I miss while reading New Moon?

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