Applied Kinesiology — Woo woo or Real?

I’ve been going to a naturopath off and on for a few years, mostly off. But, since my mother got breast cancer, I decided it was time to see this thing through.

You see I’m overweight. Something shifted when I had kids that caused my body put weight on really easily and refuse to part with it, even when I was being “virtuous.”  And while I’m a bit on the fence about what our ability is to actually change our body makeup, I wondered if there might be a reason other than genetics and admittedly some bad habits, that was preventing me from losing weight. Because when you change the habits and you lose like 3 pounds, that is not exactly motivating to keep being virtuous. Additionally, I’ve been feeling like I had some blood sugar issues going on, and …. ohmigod, are you dying of boredom yet? Okay, let me get to the point.

I reacted well to the regimen that the naturopath put me on — too well, and in the wrong direction. My blood pressure went up, I started to get near constant headaches. My weight didn’t move. I realized I felt better when I wasn’t taking the supplements I was prescribed than when I took them. Now, in the past I might have just stopped going, that seems the reasonable course right? This time, I told myself, I’m seeing this thing through, even if that means I have to say I’m going to a different naturopath.

This is how I found myself on Friday with their ‘Applied Kinesiology” expert (I think that’s its name). Man that process is some weird woo-woo. Let me explain.

You hold a vial containing a supplement in one hand. On the other hand, you hold your thumb and index finger in a circle. The AK gal tries to pull them apart. If she can’t pull your thumb and index finger apart the supplement is one your body likes. If she can pull them apart, the supplement is one your body doesn’t like. Additionally, she has vials that can tell her where the problems are: the organs, the immune system, the hormone system, the intestines. AND she can also tell which problems are dominant–e.g., if the intestines are dominant over the immune system, problems in your intestine are creating problems in your immune system. So, for instance if you’re holding the immune system vial, and this has weakened you, she can then add in various supplements to see what strengthens you, or cancels out the problem. And it would seem that not all remedies are created equal–at least to your individual body. She tried about a half a dozen daily supplements and only one strengthened me.

I’ve done this process once before, when I did an anti-candida protocol. I had taken an over-the-counter de-tox kit and within an hour of taking the first dose I threw the whole thing up again. I then went to the naturopath who prescribed a different bunch of stuff, and the exact same thing happened. So, I went to this same AK lady and through this same process discovered that I needed a different kind of candida killer and some extra liver support. I didn’t throw up again while on that protocol, or even felt bad. In fact, within a week I started to feel better than I had in months.

After Friday’s whole process was complete we had a basket of about 10 things that were going to work with my body. The naturopath not wanting to overwhelm my body and my bank account put me on only two which should help with de-toxifying and regulating blood sugar. Then we’ll test again and see what next my body wants.

And here we are and after only a few days of being on the new protocol, I’m feeling better. It’s weird, but it’s like my tissues aren’t storing as much water. My fingers and wrists are thinner. Now if I could just get the body to follow suit.

Applied kinesiology is controversial. You can find it skewered here and here. I can only tell you that it’s worked for me in the past and I think it’s working now. But, as always, don’t get your medical advice from strangers on the internet.

I’ve seen this used in many different applications. Wayne Dyer talks about how certain music and foods will weaken or strengthen you. I’ve seen it done on video with the subject thinking postive and negative thoughts. Apparently it’s also sometimes used in chiropractics. The definitive book on the subject is Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. If you’re interested in getting it, read the first consumer review, it’s excellent (the one by this guy). When I read Power vs. Force, I was totally with the author until he waxed on for almost a full page about how moral Wal-Mart was, and that kind of cancelled out a lot of his assertions for me. Still in all, a very interesting read.

For me, I think it’s a way for the body to communicate with us. We take all kinds of other measures of the body to get information: blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, just to name a few. If my blood pressure is up, the doctor looks both numbers. If the top number is up past 140 but the bottom number remains at 80, he’ll say that usually points more to stress than a medical condition.  So, my stressful thoughts can result in an increase in blood pressure.  My thoughts and my body are inextricably linked. And my body has communicated with me through high blood pressure that I can’t keep subjecting it to stressful thoughts. Couldn’t muscle weakness in proximity to poisons, however mild, just be another way that the body can communicate with us?

What do you think?

(I’m interested in intelligent debate, but not name-calling, if you have something to say, argue your point, or just do what every one else does, agree with me. Believe me, it’s easier that way, just ask my husband.)

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7 Responses to Applied Kinesiology — Woo woo or Real?

  1. Juliet says:

    I’ve never heard of this before. To be honest, my first reaction was, “Say what?!”

    Sounds kinda crazy voodoo but if it works, it works. I don’t need to know the whys or hows if it works.

  2. David says:

    I need the whys and hows because otherwise it is the placebo effect. I am wondering about the validity of ANY supplement these days.
    So how does this kind of stuff account for muscle fatigue or any joint problem with the digits they use to “measure” this supplement need and just what receptors in the fingertips are sensing this supplement, etc.
    How about some repeatability? Oh, your physiology will be different each time and mine is different than yours too. All very convenient that

  3. AngeSun says:

    I just had my first AK experience the other day. I thought it was a scam, or voodoo, until I started feeling better with the chiro adjustments and supplements. I’m a thinker. I asked a lot of questions and challenged what the doctor was doing, but he got results every time! (he’s been doing this for 25yrs).

    So here’s my thought. If it’s just a placebo affect, I’LL TAKE IT! If I’m going to be scammed back to health, that’s fine with me! As long as I’m feeling healthy again. How can that be called a scam?

  4. silvia goldwasser says:

    I read this with much interest as so many things I once would have dismissed I am taking a second look at. It was a visit to my hairdresser of all things that turned me around about relying less on doctors. He has Ulcerative Colitis. He was about to have surgery and get a colostomy bag. He was the one who put me onto something that worked for him and did for me.
    Take homeopathy, science tells us it’s just water…experience tells me it works. Kinesiology is a very unusual practice but if it works, what the heck! Maybe it’s time we start looking at actual results rather than advertising. All doctors ever did for me in 11 years of chronic pain was try drugs that made me worse. I recently bought a product online as an experiment, after so many others. It was the only thing that worked. I had tried naturopathy, acupuncture and chinese medicine, ayurveda etc etc. There are so many things doctors cant heal. Acupuncture and chinese medicine work. If your doctor says there is no more they can do for you, see another doctor and another. Even seeing the allergy specialist after suffering allergies for over 40 years showed me that people can be intolerant to things makign them sick eg colorants on medication, (yes, your pills are making you sick! ) that you would never suspect. There is a heap of ignorance in the medical profession but also some gems. You need to be a specialist in your own health to ger results. And ask questions and read! Finally, dont put up with any BS. My dad’s doctor said he was attention-seeking. He was ill with cancer!

  5. candi says:

    I came across your post today after looking up some info on AK as I just stumbled into my first experience with it at an endocrinologist’s ‘Integrated Medicine’ practice. I thought it was fascinating, but I still can’t bring myself to tell my friends that this is what the doc did. I guess time will tell… I only know that the moment my fingertips parted the first time, I jerked around and looked at her, startled. She never touched me anywhere else, always placed her hands on the same part of my fingers, and never told me what vials she was placing in my other hand. There was no attempt at suggestion, and in the end, it only served to confirm what she and I suspected for the most part. That’s what made it more viable to me. Here’s to the “crazy” idea that alternative medicine can actually work in conjunction with traditional medical ideas to achieve health! (Silly, I know)

  6. Terry peacock says:

    Hi, I have bipolar depression and the worst is anxiety, I vibrate inside when it’s not too bad but once it’s over a 5 out of 10 I’m shaking on the outside, for months iv not been without some degree of anxiety :( … 2 weeks ago I went to see a long list friend, she is doing this kinesiology and told me to get on the table … I see drs, I see a psyc, I take meds so I know my illness iv had it most of my life I’m now 52, anyhow I got on the table, once she started I did tell her I don’t believe in this, I’ll be your biggest skeptic … Anyhow 2 hours latter it’s done I go sit outside and I’m shaking 10 out of 10 I thought omg I’m really bad I should never have done this :( … An hour later I felt a bit better and got in my car to drive home, I noticed during the drive I was not shaking at all, not even vibrating :-o … This was 2 weeks ago, iv not taken a Xanax in 2 weeks and I lived on them, I couldn’t be happier, if it’s fake I dunno and I don’t care, I can leave my house without fear, iv not shook at all, it has surprised me I tell ya :)

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