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All the Res

I am away on retreat this week in a cabin in the woods–a long overdue few days away. I need to retreat, re-energize, reorder, reboot, renew, refill–all the res. I need them. It’s been quite a time since I last … Continue reading

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In which I get Salty

So, I am really unforgivably late in posting this, but I am doing a thing. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’m going to give you a lot of links. The event is called Fourplay. It’s basically four episodes … Continue reading

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Introducing the Actor’s Intensive

I know I’m about 1.5 steps away from perfection, but I simply can’t stand it anymore and I have to announce my big thing. The THING! You read about it here first. Then I sent out that little teaser a … Continue reading

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Anthropology of the School Concert

I attended the school’s variety show yesterday. I LOVE school concerts. I love the earnestness, the nervousness, the vulnerability. It makes me cry when the school band plays a song together. It’s an amazing accomplishment really to be playing a song … Continue reading

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One more commercial (and then I promise I’m done)

I just wanted to let everyone know I will be appearing in a musical in concert this week. The musical is called Lorelei. It’s the musical based on the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The stage version starred Carol Channing, the … Continue reading

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Who was that masked man?

Whew! Is he gone? I didn’t want to say anything bad about 2008 while he was still in the room, but like, WOAH! Where did that year COME from? AND a leap year to boot so we got to enjoy his company … Continue reading

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Tapping into Pleasure

Look what I bought yesterday… Yep, I bought some sneaker-type Capezio tap shoes. Got them on a clearance special from Dancecraft. Aren’t they cool? Plus, the added bonus of being easy on my wide, high-arched feet. I might even be able … Continue reading

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In which Georgia lets me down

Yesterday, this was what Georgia Nicols told me the universe had in store for me: Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) People will view you with admiration today. Some aspects of your life are suddenly more public, and they throw you in … Continue reading

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Turtle-talking with Crush

I so totally love Crush. He’s like one of my parenting role-models (and my only fictional, cartoon, anthropomorphized one). So, I was very excited to find the show Turtle Talk with Crush at California Adventure. It turned out to be one of the more amazing … Continue reading

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My Vocal Coach

My very excellent vocal coach finally got herself a MySpace page and Facebook presence. I knew she worked with some famous people, but holy cow. Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/taylorefox I’m impressed. What an amazing life she’s led.

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