In which Georgia lets me down

Yesterday, this was what Georgia Nicols told me the universe had in store for me:

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

People will view you with admiration today. Some aspects of your life are suddenly more public, and they throw you in a more attractive light. Quite likely, your kind, gentle nature is apparent to authority figures, or the general public. That’s OK. The Dalai Lama said kindness is the most important thing.

Despite this most fortuitous of astrological readings, I did NOT win Best Supporting Actress in a Musical or Pantomime at the Community Theatre Awards last night. I concede that perhaps my kind and gentle nature wasn’t exactly what was being voted on, but still.

Georgia! You have to work with me! You led me down the garden path and what was there. BUPKUS!

Now I will summon that same kind and gentle nature to also concede that the winner is a very nice person, and very talented, and did a great job on the role for which she won. All true.

And yet…

I am reminded of a time when I was doing an acting course and the whole dynamic became very difficult. There were too many people enrolled in the course, making the parts very small. So, people started to wonder (rightly so) why they had paid good money to get a two-line role. How much were they really going to learn? It got so poisoned that the students had to meet with the teachers and air their grievances. One of the students (who actually went on to be very famous, she has her own entries in Go Fug Yourself and can be seen regularly in People and on ET) made the point that yes, she was happy to try to be understanding and part of the team and ALL of that, but at some point there’s a voice inside you that rears up and says (use a troll-like, angry, deep, throaty bass) “WHAT ABOUT ME??

So, every once in a while, (although I’m honoured to have been nominated, think the person that won deserved to win, and I don’t perform to get awards but because I like doing it) I have a WHAT ABOUT ME?? moment.

And this is one of those moments. I promise it will be short-lived.

First my weird hair, now defeat at the podium. I’m all flyaways and frizziness.

Frizz–it’s really a lifestyle choice.

Sympathy? Anyone? Anyone?

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Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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