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Read it again and again and again Mommy.

The five-year-old has a new obsession: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. The book is missing its cover, the first 8 pages and comes in two sections, courtesy of the abuse he bestowed upon it when he didn’t want … Continue reading

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This post! Now Collectible!

My son brought home his School Supply Order Form yesterday. Never mind that he received it several days ago and only gave it to me the afternoon of the due date. Just never mind. I’m letting it go, and I think … Continue reading

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Anthropology of the School Concert

I attended the school’s variety show yesterday. I LOVE school concerts. I love the earnestness, the nervousness, the vulnerability. It makes me cry when the school band plays a song together. It’s an amazing accomplishment really to be playing a song … Continue reading

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20 years ago today

To commemorate the death of a dear friend gone much too soon, I am signing people up to be Red Pen Rebels — a term she coined accidentally in one of her notes to me. Read the whole note and sign yourself up. Continue reading

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What? Surely you don’t mean me?

In which I rant about the disconnect between what people say they believe and how they behave. I am exempted from this disconnect. Continue reading

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Fast ForWord — Round Two

In which I make my kids do another round of Fast ForWord. Changes in the game. Updates on improvement in my kids that I believe to be related to Fast ForWord. Continue reading

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Fast ForWord: Proof!

Last week, I got the brilliant idea to get my daughter’s working memory and processing speed re-tested in order to see if there was any empirical evidence to back up our anecdotal observations that Fast ForWord has helped her cognitive … Continue reading

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