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Small tribute to a fallen colleague

It’s been a bit of a rough go in the theatre community lately; too many stories of inoperable brain tumours, incurable cancer, and inescapable car crashes. One colleague was wise enough to re-schedule his flight and go to the hospital. He later … Continue reading

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20 years ago today

To commemorate the death of a dear friend gone much too soon, I am signing people up to be Red Pen Rebels — a term she coined accidentally in one of her notes to me. Read the whole note and sign yourself up. Continue reading

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Pre-Celebrity Sightings–Up Close and Personal

Today, is my good friend Bill’s birthday. In his honour, I would like to share a story that pretty much captures what life is like when you have Bill as a friend.   In addition to a bunch of legitimate celebrity sightings, … Continue reading

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Fred the Great

It would seem that Griffin has an imaginary friend. His name is Fred. Today I witnessed an entire argument with this imaginary friend who was holding Griffin’s arm so that he couldn’t drive his trike in a straight line. I … Continue reading

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Diagnosed vs Undiagnosed

I chanced upon an old friend a couple of weeks ago. I mean we know each other from a ways back, not that either he (or I) are old. He, (too bad for him come to think about it), asked how my … Continue reading

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The other half of Tentative Equinox–Tentative Equinox South I expect great funniness and amazing observations and insights from TES. I have been enjoying them since 1992 and I can’t wait to see what she will share with the world at … Continue reading

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Red Pen Rebel

April 10th is my good friend Michaeleen’s birthday. She was killed in a car accident almost 20 years ago, but I still miss her. We became friends in Grade 3, and remained good friends up until her death at the … Continue reading

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