Diagnosed vs Undiagnosed

I chanced upon an old friend a couple of weeks ago. I mean we know each other from a ways back, not that either he (or I) are old. He, (too bad for him come to think about it), asked how my family was doing and that question came just when I’d crossed over the line between when I couldn’t talk about my daughter’s asperger diagnois and when I really NEEDED to talk about my daughter’s asperger diagnosis. So I talked. And talked. To his credit, he’s a great empathetic listener, and never once looked at his watch.

He told me that he had a niece with Aspergers and a couple of nephews with ADHD. I was curious. “Does this kind of thing run in your family?” I asked.

Well, this is how my sister puts it. “There are two kinds of people in the world: diagnosed and undiagnosed.”

There is so much truth in that.

So, which one are you–diagnosed or undiagnosed? And if you’re undiagnosd–what are you undiagnosed with? C’mon, ‘fess up.

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