Fast ForWord: Proof!

Last week, I got the brilliant idea to get my daughter’s working memory and processing speed re-tested in order to see if there was any empirical evidence to back up our anecdotal observations that Fast ForWord has helped her cognitive processes.

She also did these tests in May of 05 and March 0f 07 so I have those numbers with which to compare them.

We are giddy with happiness at the results. Look for yourself. Be amazed.

Working Memory

The Working Memory score is comprised of two tests: Digit Span and Letter-Number Sequencing

May 2005:

  • Digit Span: 5
  • L/N Seq: 7
  • Working memory score: 77 or the 6th percentile

March 2007

  • Digit Span: 6
  • L/N Seq: 3
  • Working memory score 68 or the 2nd percentile

November 2008

  • Digit Span: 6
  • L/N Seq: 10
  • Working memory score of 88 or the 21st percentile

So, a jump from the 2nd to the 21st percentile? Super-fantabulous.

Processing Speed

The Processing Speed is also comprised of two tests: Coding and Symbol Search

May 2005

  • Coding: 6
  • Symbol Search: 7
  • Processing Speed Score of 80 or the 9th percentile

March 2007

  • Coding: 4
  • Symbol Search: 5
  • Processing Speed Score of 70 or the 2nd percentile

November 2008

  • Coding: 10
  • Symbol Search: 10
  • Processing Speed Score of 100 or the 50th percentile

And an INCREDIBLE jump from the 2nd to the 50 percentile mark.

The doctor himself was pretty impressed. As are we.

My only regret is that I let myself be talked out of doing it about three times by various professionals who were sure that her problems wouldn’t be helped by Fast ForWord. So, lesson learned. When it comes to my kids, I am the expert.

I shall not let that regret lessen our joy at her results today. How much sweeter they are for knowing they were hard-fought for.

Update: I now have a Fast ForWord page where I have collected all my postings about Fast ForWord plus some other useful links.

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12 Responses to Fast ForWord: Proof!

  1. ladyfi says:

    That’s great! Well done your daughter!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ann says:

    I am a Fast ForWord provider in the States, who has enjoyed reading about the process and progress of your kids on Fast ForWord. These pre and post-test scores are very exciting, I’m sure. And, they aren’t even tests that focus on processing speed of AUDITORY information-which is what Fast ForWord focuses on in its training. However, when we see improvements in on one sensory system, we will often see improvements in other sensory systems as well. Your earlier post about the anecdotal changes in your children was also VERY exciting!
    BTW, I do some trainings of school staff on Fast ForWord and had the thrill of being able to train some schools in your beautiful area last fall and hope to get back in a couple of months.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Shashika says:

      Ann, I’m looking to get some information on how FFW can help my son who has a diagnosis of Mild Intellectual Disability. He’s seven years old. I would really appreciate your response. Thank you, Shashika

  3. Ann: I’m so glad you’ve been following our Fast ForWord “experiment.” It’s been very exciting for us to see dramatic changes.

    I think it’s opened up the eyes of several of the professionals around us too.

    I’ve been spreading the word to every mom I meet going through similar things with their kids, so the demand for it is only going to go up.

    More schools need to have it available.

  4. Geoff Nixon says:

    Christina, when exactly did your child do Fast ForWord and what programs did you do? We are private provider in the NE and love to collect stories like this, where there is good testing.

    One of the challenges with Fast ForWord is that it needs to be done right. It is a bit like lifting weights, most of the time you will get stronger but good technique and frequency can make a good outcome a great outcome. Many of your professionals who advised against the program may have encountered parents who were not compliant.

  5. Geoff,

    If you do a search on Fast ForWord on this site (look up in the top right hand corner) it should bring up all the posts I’ve done about our Fast ForWord ‘journey’. You could also look in the “Brain Map” box to the right and you will find a Fast ForWord tag.

    The short version: My 12-year-old daughter with aspergers and learning disabilities completed Language and about 75% of Language to Reading. My 10-year-old son without any diagnoses completed about 90% of Language.

    They each did approximately 70 sessions of Fast ForWord between early July and mid-September.

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  8. Sashika says:

    My son is diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Disability and was wondering if FastForward is a good option for him?

  9. liz w. says:

    I am finding your site so helpful! thank you! I have broached the subject of FF with our behavioral pediatrician, my daughter’s IEP crew, her tutor and the responses have ranged from equivocal to don’t do it. On the other hand everytime i get frustrated and start looking at it again it seems to be the perfect fit for her. I am done listening to others, I am going with my instinct. do you (or anyone else) have any opinions on online providers?

    • Having never used online providers, I do not. However, I imagine that it’s probably much more convenient than trying to get somewhere in person only to be sitting down at a computer terminal anyway which you could do in the convenience of your own home.

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