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Fast ForWord: Proof!

Last week, I got the brilliant idea to get my daughter’s working memory and processing speed re-tested in order to see if there was any empirical evidence to back up our anecdotal observations that Fast ForWord has helped her cognitive … Continue reading

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Things I wonder about…

If we have a collective unconscious is it also possible that we’re an unconscious collective?

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What kind of a dog do you think I am?

I took the four-year-old child and the two-year-old dog to the park today. I think my dog isn’t getting out enough, because I swear to you, this is what my dog communicated non-verbally both times a dog came over to … Continue reading

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Starvation or Eating Disorder?

Imagine that you encounter a child who is suffering from malnutrition. In our western world of syndromes and isms, the child would likely be thought to have an eating disorder. My first questions would be: Does she have an eating disorder … Continue reading

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