What kind of a dog do you think I am?

I took the four-year-old child and the two-year-old dog to the park today. I think my dog isn’t getting out enough, because I swear to you, this is what my dog communicated non-verbally both times a dog came over to greet her.

Oooh, look another dog! Another DOG! I had no idea there were others. Awesome! I’m just…I’m positively giddy!! Yes, let’s touch noses. Hey!!!! What the heck are you DOING!? That’s my BUTT for goodness sake! No! I said NO! BAD DOG! I’ve got a face you know! Alright, just move along there pal. I don’t know what kind of dog you’re used to packing with, but let me tell you I am NOT that kind of dog! (Pause as the other dog shakes his head in disbelief and moves on) No, wait, come back. Please.  *Sad little whimper*

I mean really, have you ever heard of such a thing? I thought the whole butt-sniffing thing was a canine instinct. Is she perhaps evolving? Am I going to have to add grey poupon to her dog food?

Interestingly, the anal glands are what’s involved in the whole butt-sniffing thing. If you recall back to this post, wherein said dog had an anal gland infection, do you think it’s possible there’s a connection between the anal gland infection and an unwillingness to participate in the whole butt-sniffing exercise?

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1 Response to What kind of a dog do you think I am?

  1. “the whole butt-sniffing exercise?”

    pun intended?

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