Who was that masked man?

Whew! Is he gone? I didn’t want to say anything bad about 2008 while he was still in the room, but like, WOAH! Where did that year COME from? AND a leap year to boot so we got to enjoy his company for a whole extra day. Talk about staying past your welcome.

I’m not sure what moon moved into the seventh house of Uranus, but overall, I’d have to say I’m glad to see the back end of that guy.

[And don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out! And you know, showering occasionally is a sign of good social graces!]

I’m going to leave most of the world stage commentary to those better suited than I, but wow, what a year! The year the economy set new records and not a in a good way. The year of bailouts, foreclosures, and runs on banks. The year we lost Paul Newman and Heath Ledger. The year the long shot took an election, mobilizing the planet like we haven’t seen since Princess Diana’s funeral. The year we Canadians almost got a coalition government and found out what the word ‘prorogue‘ means.

But more importantly, in my own personal universe, it was the year of autism. The year that ‘Mom’ and ‘cancer’ got used in the same sentence.

I grant you, there’s some stuff in the ‘good column’ too: playing the Fairy Queen in Iolanthe, being a winner in  NaNoWriMo08, going to Disneyland, getting paid to perform at the Fusion Festival, completing the SunRun, taking up bjournalling and tap dancing, discovering Fast ForWord and JUMP Math. And, although I say this grudgingly, autism (because autism is one of those good news/bad news things–it’s an unwelcome diagnosis, but it comes with so much more assistance,  and so it finds itself in both columns).

Am I alone in this? Was 2008 a year of extremes for you too? Please weigh in in the comments.

So, if 2008 was a person, who would it be to you? Vote!


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