A Year in Bjournalling

So, my bjournal anniversary was on the 27th. (For those of you just joining us, I don’t like the word blog and have chosen to replace it in my universe with the word bjournal, much nicer don’t you think?) I have been bjournalling a whole year and have not run out of things to say, well, let me rephrase that. I have not run out of things to write about. Whether or not I actually have anything to SAY is a matter of debate. However, I remain optimistic.

It’s been an interesting journey (how’s that for a non-descriptive descriptor?). I started bjournalling because I was so often getting stuck with all these thoughts in my head which at best got put down in a journal and I wanted a forum to put it out there to more than just myself. Writing for an audience changes how you write. It also helps to clarify your thoughts in much the same way that teaching someone else is sometimes the only way to learn things, or the way in which I finally learned to act was by directing.

The things I wrote about this year surprised me. I wrote much less about theatre and much more about parenting than I expected. I realized that my contribution to society at large might be parenting children with that holy trinity of brain issues (learning disabilities, ADHD and aspergers). I am looking for a cure (not exactly the right word, but it’s the closest to what I’m talking about) not just compensations. I love my children and accept them for who they are AND I believe their ‘brain issues’ can be overcome. Those things are not mutually exclusive. So, if you’ve found my site because you’re looking for that too, welcome! (If you’re not, you might just want to move along, I’m not changing my mind and don’t wish to enter a debate about it. There are plenty of places for you to go if you just want support.)

I’ve toyed with the idea of separating my primary foci into different bjournals–one for parenting, one for art, one for life observations, but many years ago while I was working in administration by day and performing at night, I finally decided that I was one person and that all these different facets of my personality and life reality were just going to have to coexist peacefully and not be walled off from each other. I find it much too crazy-making to try to make it work any other way. My boundaries have remained largely porous in that regard, one life mixing into the other. And, in the big picture, my “I am one person” philosophy has worked for me. Likewise, I think my bjournal needs to remain that way too. If you’re here more for one thing than the other, feel free to just skip over the parts with which you don’t connect.


The Bjournal Year in Review:


My first post:

My favourite post:

My most popular post (over 2,000 hits so far):

My best insights:

Shortest Post:

Most commented on posts:

Best kid speak (one for each):

Most exciting commenter (you’ll have to click it to find out who):

Best Google-mis-direction inspired post:

Most wish my parents didn’t read my bjournal post:

My best list:


I could probably go on and find enough categories to eventually list all of my 164 posts (best use of commas, best unintended puns, most unfairly ignored), but really, I’ve got to get on with my day, so I just want to wrap up by saying thanks to those of you who have become readers and a special thanks to my frequent commenters. It’s lovely to get your thoughtful, humourous responses.

Thanks for joining me here over the past year.

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