Celebrity Sightings

I think I saw this guy at the Public Market on Thursday:

Unnamed Celebrity

Unnamed Celebrity


It was weird, because I looked at him and immediately thought, “Ohmigod, it’s him!” but then re-thought that, “No it isn’t.” Because he didn’t look like his pictures (if indeed it was him), but yet he did. It was very odd. Because of this incongruity, I couldn’t stop looking at him, until I realized that he’d noticed me looking at him, and for some reason that seemed to be making him a little uncomfortable. He was standing there eating his lunch, wearing some kind of satiny pants (I’m not making this up) that seemed to be elasticized at the ankle, but one seam on one leg was torn. No socks, flat shoes. He’s very tall. I think what was most telling is that he had an air of a  successful man–someone who didn’t care that he was wearing satin pants with a tear and no socks at a public market. I wish I’d had the courage to meet him. He’s always struck me as an interesting guy. Someone that I would enjoy having a discussion with.

When I went back to the office (I was on a break, get off my back) I immediately surfed on over to the BC Film Commission website to check what movies are being filmed around town. I then had to correspond that information with IMDB, and was able to deduce that he is in town filming. So there.

This sighting reminded me of several other celebrity interactions I’ve had…
  • This guy crossed the street right in front of my car:
Another unnamed celebrity

Another unnamed celebrity

  • This guy used my computer:
Yet another unnamed celebrity

Yet another unnamed celebrity

  • This guy came to the door of my office and asked me if I knew where Liz was:
And another

And another

  • I helped this gal with a disastrously botched photocopying job (although this may only impress you if you’re Canadian):
  • Speaking of Canadian celebrities, we chanced upon these two coming out of a Chapters in Regina. Oddly, we had just come from a tour of their television set. My father-in-law insisted on chatting with them. I stood there in silence. This is not a picture of the moment:
Unnamed Canadian Celebrities (yes, such a thing exists)

Unnamed Canadian Celebrities (yes, such a thing exists)

  • And I think most impressively, I shook this guy’s hand outside of a nightclub at Expo 86. (Oh goodness, don’t do THAT math.)
And yet one more unnamed celebrity

And yet one more unnamed celebrity


So, now tell me, who have you brushed shoulders with? Do you turn into a total Beaker (I do) when you meet a celebrity and beep unintelligibly while waving your arms around or alternately stand in silence opening and closing your mouth? Or are you the smooth operator that can swoop in, get introduced and end up being able to have a cup of coffee with them, add their private cell phone number to your speed dial, and get a part in their next big project?

I so wish I was the latter.

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3 Responses to Celebrity Sightings

  1. Paul says:

    Oliver Platt?

    I once saw David Duchovny’s stand-in. He walked fast.

    I was extra on set with Jonathon Taylor Thomas. I got to do a part where I slap a guy on the back after he says something around the punch bowl that had been spiked. We were supposed to act drunk. It didn’t make it into the movie though because it was Disney, or maybe because I screwed it up. I remember one of the set director guys got angry at me, saying he can get someone else if I can’t do it right. That was awesome.

  2. Sarah says:

    I met Paul Martin yesterday at his book signing.

    And I’ve seen the cast of “Smallville” filming in Cloverdale.

    And I’ve spoken to Gordon Campbell on the phone.

    But seriously, no REAL celebrities. I live such a common-place life *le sigh*.

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