Summer Love

I think I’m having a summer fling with a television show.

Well, who knows if this is just summer love. Maybe this love affair will last into the next season. But if it’s just for the summer I guess that’s okay too.

Okay, here it is, my true confession…I’ve got a thing going with the summer re-runs of season one of Reaper.

I know, I know. Not my usual type. I’m usually all over great writing like West Wing or Pushing Daisies. But, I’ve also got this weakness for the great offbeat character pieces like My Name is Earl and The Office, and I guess Reaper must fall into that category.

I mean, you’ve got to feel for the poor hapless Sam who’s had his soul sold to the devil by his parents (in their defense, they didn’t think they were able to have children and so promising the soul of never-to-be child, didn’t seem like such a bad deal) and now must do some bounty-hunting to bring escaped souls back to hell.

Sidebar: What a comment on our world that, in comparison with his job at the Work Bench, this is actually a great job, full of character building challenges.

I love the character of the devil with his Frank Sinatra slickness, and Sam’s oh-so-sweet love-interest, Andi. I like Sam’s friend, Ben, with his naivete and earnestness. I even love the demons down the hall, Tony and Steve, and their efforts to start a revolution against the devil.

But really, most of all, I love Sam’s best friend, Sock, (full name, Bert Wysocki), played by Tyler Labine. Sock is probably the best second banana since, I don’t know when, since the term second banana was invented maybe. I love his gruff whisky voice, his inability to stop talking, his off-the-wall witty comebacks, his hare-brained schemes for capturing evasive souls, his love of cooking. He just makes me laugh. And how can a girl not a love a guy who makes her laugh? 

You know, it is filmed in Vancouver. How hard could it be to get a small but pivotal (and most importantly, recurring) role? Ideas anyone?

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1 Response to Summer Love

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heath and I were fanatics. Can’t wait for the fall season. I really like how they start to develop the story part way through the season.

    And Tyler is CANADIAN!!! He’s my fave too.

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