If it’s the dog that’s sick why am I feeling so much pain?

We have a Golden Labrador / Golden Retriever Cross. She’s almost 2 years old. Name’s Sasha. Here she is.



Cute huh? Doesn’t she look eager to please? Well, looks can be deceiving.

On Friday, I awaken to discover she’s had a BM in her kennel. This is very unusual. She must have eaten something to upset her tummy right? This is the bra-eating dog that will steal razor blades off the side of the tub and munch on them given half a chance, so it’s not like it’s outside the realm of possibility that she might have eaten something that disagreed with her. Later that day, she has another accident in the kitchen while I’m in the shower. Again, very unusual behaviour for her. Hmmm. Hope this tummy bug clears up.

Saturday morning I notice she’ll wag her tail but is holding it close to her body. I throw her a toy to fetch and she starts after it, then stops. She starts licking her hindquarters almost incessantly. I’m starting to get worried. Then at 4pm she’s standing in the kitchen whimpering as urine leaks out of her. Okay, we now have an Official Problem.

5pm finds us at the emergency animal clinic.

10:00 pm I go back to pick her up after being sedated (the dog, not me), x-rayed, and examined. The doctor’s diagosis is impacted and possibly infected anal glands. (Has anyone ever heard of these glands? It sounds like these are the appendix of dogs.) He’s drained the glands and also sent a urine culture to rule out a urinary tract infection. I get pain meds and antibiotics for the dog.




She’s doing much better today. Our Visa bill however is on life support. Let us all just say a quick prayer that this isn’t a chronically reoccuring condition.

Any recommendations for good pet insurance carriers?

I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

When did dog-ownership become such a complicated and expensive thing?

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3 Responses to If it’s the dog that’s sick why am I feeling so much pain?

  1. Yee-ouch.

    Makes a person rather glad for our human health insurance.

    And I think most vets see us coming a mile away. Exactly what are you going to do? Not help the pet? Shop around at 10 o’clock at night for a different opinion that will cost you anyways?

    Or perhaps I’m just becoming a crotchety old person. It’s possible.

  2. DEKALBPOET says:

    There is pet insurance available, ck google. also: try a cheaper vet. I travel from central illinois to iowa state for my country vet…office visit: ten bucks. wormer: ten bucks (in my town, it’s 38.oo dollars!! for the exact same thing. ‘rent’, complains the vet. it’s the location. shots: fifteen bucks (38 in Dekalb). I spent twenty bucks on gas, drove through the country and scenic hills and prairie, got the dog exammed, wormed, flea control, shots, all for about fifty bucks. in dekalb, it cost me a hundred and eighty for the exact same friggin thing.
    on the way home, we stopped at a little country roadside cafe along the mississipi river and had home made fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, homemade pie, for under ten bucks. includes coffee and tip.

    the iowa vet is worth the drive and also saved my dog’s life for next to nothing.

    it pays to go to the country. or rather: it SAVES to go to the country. yu have a better time, less stress (the trip was scenic and relaxing) and no bomb of a bill afterwards.

    good luck with your pooch and the quest for that perfect Dr.James Harriot.

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