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In search of bravery ham

In which our dog decides that she cannot go up the same stairs that she went down. Find out what will override survival instincts in those of the canine persuasion. Continue reading

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Dear? Didn’t you hear me? Honey? I’m talking to you.

I just have share with the world the Griffin-speak from last week…even though a lot of you reading this will have actually been there, I think there should be a record for the sake of his future relationships. First, a little context. … Continue reading

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If it’s the dog that’s sick why am I feeling so much pain?

We have a Golden Labrador / Golden Retriever Cross. She’s almost 2 years old. Name’s Sasha. Here she is. Cute huh? Doesn’t she look eager to please? Well, looks can be deceiving. On Friday, I awaken to discover she’s had a … Continue reading

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10 Things

In random order these are the things occupying my brainspace and time: 1) My daughter has just finished her full-day speech-language assessment, the last component of the larger assessment to determine if she is on the autism spectrum or if … Continue reading

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