Dear? Didn’t you hear me? Honey? I’m talking to you.

I just have share with the world the Griffin-speak from last week…even though a lot of you reading this will have actually been there, I think there should be a record for the sake of his future relationships.

First, a little context. My parents acquired this year a set of sister cats that may be the cutest cats ever known in the cat kingdom. Here’s proof from my photographer brother…


Why do you keep pointing that thing at us?

Why do you keep pointing that thing at us?


I mean cute right? And they totally get that they are arm candy. You pick them up and they just lay there, having thoughts like “I goez good wit thees shert.”


Arm Candy Redefined

Arm Candy Redefined


You can see my brother’s photographic work here. Do a search on kittens if you want to see more of their antics and pretty kitty-ness.  

So, we’re having a family gathering and my sister (of Mahoney Musings) is holding Bijoux (the fluff ball, not the gray one). Her youngest child sees Bijoux in all her kitty gorgeousness, and in her charming two-year-old-speak is exclaiming over the prettiness of the kitty. She then went over to my Griffin-man, who she adores and follows around every chance she gets, and I can see her trying to share her excitement over the kitty cat with him. He is looking at her in what I took to be a mystified way so I decided to help out:

Griffin, she’s trying to tell you about the kitty-cat.

I know that. I just don’t care.

So, to the girlfriend or God willing, the wife, of the future, I have just one piece of information for you…

He heard you.

Oh, he heard you all right. He just may have learned by the time you’re in a relationship with him to leave off the second half of his thought process.

Just saying.

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2 Responses to Dear? Didn’t you hear me? Honey? I’m talking to you.

  1. Completely un-related to the post’s purpose (as as a male one has a tendency to protect the penii brethren by not commenting and thereby deflecting attention from that sort of thing) looking at the first photo causes the following reaction:

    Is it just my twisted mind, or does the grey kitten look like Yoda more than a little?

  2. Yes, I’ve thought the same thing myself. She is very Yoda-esque. Her name however is Princess Marina.

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