Random Acts of Kindness

Today, I went shopping. I needed to get frames to frame the pictures that we’re getting for some un-named in-laws. This was the fourth store that I had been at–who knew that frames were such a difficult thing to find? Now, let’s keep a few things in mind. I am behind on Christmas things because I spent a whole whack of time writing last month, so yes, thanks for reminding me that my need to prove that I could write 50,000 words in a month means that I’m not fulfilling my motherly duties as chief shopper, cleaner, and decorator, and I will remind you that I actually did it, and I will get a free proof copy for my efforts. So there.

At any rate, I’ve been playing catch-up and I’ve got presents that have to go to Saskatoon, the NorthWest Territories, and California–the time is ticking on those things. So, by the time we got out the door to tackle this project it was noon, the time when EVERYONE is out shopping. I’m not feeling great, because I’ve got this newly acquired sinus head-cold going on, traffic is hell, and I’m in a craft store with all kinds of breakable things and 3 kids in tow, who are all interested in looking at everything else in the store EXCEPT frames and all in different parts of the store. The daughter starts looking at shiny things, the middle child starts looking at science-y stuff (how to make a desert display if you must know) and the 4-year-old is of course looking at all the very expensive, very breakable models of expensive cars. Somehow, I managed to find some frames that will do the job and I’m in the middle of herding my children to the front of the store without causing anyone to report me to social services when I’m stopped by this woman. She starts showing me a store receipt and going on about how she’s got this receipt and can’t use it for her purchases. And I’m thinking to myself “What is this woman going on about? Does she think I work here?”

Finally, her words sunk in and I realized what was going on. She has somehow acquired a coupon from her last purchase at this store. The coupon entitles the bearer to 50% off a regularly priced item. But it expires today, and everything she’s buying is on sale, so she can’t use it. She is trying to give me the coupon so that someone can get the benefit of it. So, after apologizing for being a little thick, I thanked her, and took the coupon. That coupon saved me $10. (I was even able to tell her, because we crossed paths again at the dollar store across the parking lot.)

Isn’t that lovely? What a nice and simple random act of kindness. A moment when I could stop being frustrated at my fellow human beings for the way they drive, and for getting in line before me.

So, let’s get that yuletide ball of goodwill rolling. Have you been the recipient of a random act of kindness lately? Have you perhaps been the giver of one?


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4 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I feel guilty now… I don’t think I ever have committed said act… Possibly at some point…

    [begins weeping]

    I’m so bad…!

    [runs towards nearest blunt object and strikes surface of same with top of head… over… and over… and over… and over…]

  2. Sarah says:

    I went suit shopping with mom today, because she needed one. That felt good.

    A man got up on the skytrain for me the other day and gave me his seat. I felt like a lady, and it made my day.

    A woman I work with gave me an orange. I didn’t even ask.

    And is your page… snowing?


  3. @Sarah

    Yes! Thank you for noticing. Apparently WordPress has a lovely little feature during December where I can choose to “let it snow” on my blog. I love it. I’m hoping for cherry blossom petals in the spring.

  4. Sarah says:

    So I suppose that means come Spring, Haiku’s are in due order.
    Or maybe even now…

    Christmas time has come
    Snow, songs, family. Booze flowing
    like blossoms in Spring.

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