Hey! How are you? I’ve missed you.

I have no idea what happened last week except that I was hit with a big pile of work, life and other annoyances (what a great title for a movie) that prevented me from getting here, and as I just said, I’ve missed you!

But here I am, I’m back. At least for the moment. I warn you that for the next two weeks my dance card is really full.

So, don’t be asking me to dance. 

Just send coffee and lots of love.

Thankfully, to deal with said big pile of stuff, I had my first burst of spring-energy this weekend. I finally had the urge to cast off my winter melancholoy and get stuff done. Which is why at 10:30 pm last night you could find me alternating between baking banana muffins and bread, fixing dresser drawers, and watching Celebrity Apprentice. I crashed and burned about 11:30 pm (which is pretty good, considering Celebrity Apprentice crashed and burned about 5 minutes after it started. Really, I don’t know why I was watching it, except it was on, and once it’s going, well, you just can’t take your eyes off it. It’s like driving past a motor vehicle accident on the freeway, you just gotta look.)

But at least I’m energized.

And crickeys, the weather! I wore sandals on Friday afternoon, my winter coat Saturday morning, opened the sunroof early Sunday afternoon and then by mid-afternoon, this is what greeted me:


Drift 2: The Snowing

Drift 2: The Snowing


Mother Nature is having a few mood swings on the West Coast.

It’s not quite spring yet, I guess.

Anyone else out there feeling the proverbial spring in your step?

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4 Responses to Helloooooo!

  1. awalkabout says:

    It’s not all that much better in the Northeast, kiddo. 65 one day, pelting rains and floods the next and today they’re talking snow by mid-afternoon. But soon….soon…. :)

  2. Persephone says:

    Anyone else out there feeling the proverbial spring in your step?
    Only because I’m wearing YakTrax to keep from slipping on the black ice under the new snow here in Ottawa…

  3. Perhaps when it stops snowing.

    A tear slid down my cheek as I pulled the winter bin down from the shelf this morning.

    I had the urge to plug in Christmas tree lights.

    I held back a sob as I told the children to wear their show boots.

    My list of things to do should NOT have ‘shovel the walk’ on it.

    I had to FAKE being happy while having a snowball fight with the youngest child.

    Stupid stupid stupid snow.


    It beat the crap out of any spring in my step.

  4. Godfather says:

    “I’m dancing as fast as I can!”


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