The Way of the Brochure — Journey’s End


My brochure is finally triple proofed and that ain’t no drink although it should be because I’m drunk on the realization that that brochure which went through 18 drafts and that ain’t no drinking game is finally, after almost pushing me over the edge even though I know the way of the brochure is never straight is finally — FINALLY!!! — at the printers and you know what that means?!? Well do you??!?!

I get to take two weeks off.

That’s right.

I am on VAYCAYSHUN (you have to channel Sock, you know, from Reaper, and say it in a sing-songy voice with some hip-hop attitude, which I totally can’t pull off but I’m going to do it anyway.)

While everyone else in the family continues to go to school and daycare and work I am going to take two weeks off.

Just to be. I have a vague notion that I want to get grounded. Rested. Establish some routines. Clear my head.

But I have no specific plans, or destinations, just lots of ideas.

Lots and lots and LOTS of ideas. Too many ideas. A veritable Pandora’s Box of ideas. There’s so much stuff that I’ve put off because “I’m working” and so now that I’m not working for, did I mention, two whole weeks, I feel like I could cram SO MUCH into them. I could plant a garden, paint the house, cook gourmet meals, do a commando re-design of my studio space, go for long bike rides, kick TMJ’s ass, write a book, do the ironing (I think I know where I last saw the ironing board), sort the Lego, put together a cabaret act, learn my tap dance number, workout 3 hours a day, make a scrapbook, nap in my hammock. Wait, what was that last one?

Nap in my hammock.

Mmmmmm. Maybe I’ll just do that.

And read. Maybe write. With a pen and pretty paper. And a nice umbrella drink beside me.

It’s called multi-tasking yo! (Sock! Remember?)

I’d show you a picture of my hammock with it’s surrounding gazebo, but our household Gollum has now absconded with the battery charger for the camera. I’m not sure what his obsession is with our camera accoutrements, but there you are. You’ll have to take my word for it, it’s blissful.

I might pop in now and again, but this is your official notice that this bjournal is on holiday schedule from now until June 15th. I’ll post some stuff from the archives from the era before people were reading.

Otherwise, you just can pull up one of those folding Ikea lawn chairs because I already called shotgun on the hammock and we can have a good ol’ chin wag, like people used to do, you know, before the internet. Bring coffee treats. And a glue gun. Maybe some house paint.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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2 Responses to The Way of the Brochure — Journey’s End

  1. Sarah says:

    Since I’m not getting too many hours in the next weeks, if you need someone to help you out, I can probably come on over to lend a hand. I might ask for a small amount of pocket change (not too much) but I can certainly paint your house or some such menial, tasks. I can bring over coffee treats and I most certainly can do some chin waggin’.

    And as a side note: I think the phrase “nap in the hammock” is on par with “cellar door” and “elbow”. You wouldn’t need to understand English to know that it is blissful.

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