30 Things I Love Right Now

Inspired by the ongoing series by this guy, and in late tribute to Canadian Thanksgiving here are 30 things I love right now:

(1) Hot, hot, HOT baths in my new soaker tub especially when also accompanied by… (2) an entire bag of the Body Shop’s Soya Milk Bath. | (3) Salted Caramel Mochas from Starbucks. | (4)  Climbing into my bed for a mid-day nap on my days off and … (5) having my feet warmed by the early autumn sun while I do so. | (5) Returning to SFU twenty-two years after I graduated to watch my sister do the same. | (6) Remembering how much I love the architecture of SFU (even if it puts me in a minority). | (7) Intense, ridiculously sweaty workouts. (Well, at least once I’m about 10 minutes in, then I love it. Really!) | (8) Watching Downton Abbey | (9) Watching Downton Abbey when it makes me gasp out loud (GOL is the new LOL) with an unexpected plot twist. | (9) My fuzzy orange socks. | (10) My oh so soft fuzzy orange sweater. | (11) Roasted Turkey skin. | (12) Seeing my new thing being born. | (13) Realizing with not a little bit of shock, that I have community to help mid-wife my new thing being born, and it’s community I built myself (with a little bit of luck and happy coincidence thrown in). | (14) Making things happen. | (15) Pruning. | (16) Shredding. | (17) Mopping. | (18) Having a guy come and take away the ugly pile of stuff in our back yard. | (19) Emma, whose graduation photos turned out lovely. | (20) Calvin, whose brain I can see re-wiring itself daily. | (21) Lloyd, to whom I will have been married 20 years tomorrow. (Maybe he should have gone first–ah well, too late, I’m not renumbering.) | (22) Sasha, who is getting me up every morning to get walked and showing me the value of consistency. | (23)  Griffin, who loves Lego and still cries over the death of his grandparents. | (24) My large, colourful, family. | (25) Tomorrow Salad | (26) What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder. | (27) My new glasses. | (28) A return to normal of my iron levels. Ah, this is what having energy feels like. | (29) Opening nights. | (30) English muffins with butter and honey. |

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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