Everything new is old again

My extra-busy work season ended Sunday at 5:45. It’s nice to have a nice marker like that, a ribbon tied across the track to launch, or in my case, stagger, through, panting, red-faced, and sweating, and if not victorious, at least DONE. Yes, please take a picture of me now in my moment of glory. Damn that Scottish heritage and that high colour!

So, now that I’m no longer responsible for keeping the stars on their proscribed paths by standing on my back porch in the freezing cold using nothing but an out-dated chart, a pen-light and a series of threads that had to be held just so at just the right tension, well, you can just imagine, I’m exhausted.

Too bad the sunset of one, brings on the sunrise of the next. And seeing as the days are getting longer and the nights shorter and we’ve already sprung ahead, my moment to rest from my toils is far shorter than my druthers would like it.

And, of course, there is this alternate reality where I’m supposed to be “running” a great(ish) distance and appearing on stage, (that’s definitely not me in the picture) in the all too near future. So, of course I’m avoiding the gym and the piano like they’ve been infested with the SARS virus.

Other than that though, I haven’t been up to much. Everything is chugging along at a less than dramatic pace. When people ask me “What’s new?” I don’t know what to say. I want to say “What is this obsession with new!?” Can’t something be old or just middle-aged and still be interesting to you people?” But that doesn’t cut it with the social skills people so I just say some derivative of “Same old” and leave it at that.

I am thinking new thoughts.  Well, new to me. It’s hard to think completely new thoughts. Have you ever tried it? Really hard. My “new” thoughts are probably second-hand thoughts, or “pre-owned” if you must use the marketing term for it. Nothing that I’ve polished up enough to display though.

Oh, sorry, yes that was me humming.

Well, what have YOU been up to? For gawd’s sake, I can’t be entertaining every moment of day. 

Come to think of it though, I frankly don’t care about the new. (See how cavalierly I just did tossed that aside? I’m a revolutionary, I tell you, maybe even a revolutionerary)

Tell me what’s old with you?

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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5 Responses to Everything new is old again

  1. My cold that’s been hanging around for more than a week is very old.

  2. whatatragiccomedy says:

    Headaches are old with me. I want them to STAY AWAY!

    On another note, I loved the “What’s this obsession with new?!” question. If only.

    • You too? I dealt with my headaches by a) going to the chiropractor and having him jam his fingers into my jaw muscle (good times) b) stopping taking the kajillion suplements the naturopath put me on and c) tomorrow I go to the eye doctor and get me some (slow weepy sigh) progressive lenses.

      Are yours headaches or migraines?

      • whatatragiccomedy says:

        I don’t know. I think some people would classify them as migraines. I don’t. I’ve only had one full blown migraine in my opinion and if I never have another, I’ll be just peachy with that, thanks.

        I go to the chiropractor when sleeping the headache off and/or lots of Tylenol no longer work.

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