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Caption Contest! A prize and everything…

Caption contest! Winner gets a $10 gift card to Starbucks (or Tim Hortons if you’re Canadian — it’s ‘Roll up the Rim to Win’ time) Continue reading

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Late week update

I know, what’s with the dearth of postings? Christmas holidays are over Tentative Equinox North. And I hate reading posts that start off with “Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.” But there you go. I also thought I would never say … Continue reading

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Things I Learned on Vacation

Things I learned on vacation: 1) LAX is a frustrating airport to navigate. Signage is very poor and confusing, often having seemingly contradictory instructions, or simply do not include the option you’re looking for. For instance, the Air Canada check-in … Continue reading

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So, there we were. Day 6 of vacation. I was waiting for Silvie (Tentative Equinox South) to pick me up for some adventures in Los Angeles, and Lloyd had taken the kids to Knott’s Water Slides. 11:42am: I had just finished … Continue reading

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So, I’m writing a quick post in the Business Centre of the Crowne Plaza, Anaheim Resort. Very nice hotel btw, I did good. Day 1, July 24: Getting here.  Had to get up a 4am in the frickin’ morning to … Continue reading

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