So, there we were. Day 6 of vacation. I was waiting for Silvie (Tentative Equinox South) to pick me up for some adventures in Los Angeles, and Lloyd had taken the kids to Knott’s Water Slides.

11:42am: I had just finished doing a workout at the gym, and was walking through the lobby when I thought I heard a loud rumbling noise. Then I very definitely heard a loud rumbling noise. “Truck?” I thought. As the rumbling got louder and more intense I immediately upgraded from truck to plane and got a little worried. That plane was close. Then I swear I saw the walls move and there was a loud slamming noise, like a giant stamping his foot. Suddenly, everyone knew what it was–earthquake. The mother standing next to me, called for her child and ran for the door. I hustled over to the door myself. The bellmen were looking a little panicky while telling everyone else not to panic. Then it was over.

5.4 earthquake with the epicenter close to Chino Hills.

So, Silvie was late to pick me up because none of the elevators were allowed to be used in her building. Her husband couldn’t take the train to Anaheim to have dinner with us because the trains weren’t running. (We stayed in Los Angeles later so we could pick him up) It took over an hour and a half before I could reach Lloyd and make sure he and the kids were okay (although since right off the bat there were no reports of injuries, so I figured they were okay). The kids had to wait around the park for over an hour while all the slides were inspected.

It was all terribly exciting (and it could be exciting as there was very little damage, no deaths, or even mortal injuries). On the news, the best they could come up with was a store clerk that got hit in the head with some cans as they shook off the shelves.  

We truly got the full California Experience.

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2 Responses to Earthquake!

  1. Colleen says:

    We were all wondering where you all were when it happened. How did the kids deal with it? Sure makes for a good story!

  2. Apparently the kids were just coming out of the change rooms when it happened. I think they were pretty nonplussed about it at the time. Calvin needed us to turn off the news coverage of it that evening though. I think he only realized afterwards that this could easily have been a serious thing.

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