So, I’m writing a quick post in the Business Centre of the Crowne Plaza, Anaheim Resort. Very nice hotel btw, I did good.

Day 1, July 24: Getting here.  Had to get up a 4am in the frickin’ morning to catch a 7:40 am flight. Hardly slept at all the night before because so worried about having everything. Discover that Griffin is good for about an hour and a half flight. Tricky when the flight is 3 hours long. Everything went so smoothly though. The flight left on time, arrived on time. Luggage all there. Bus came within 15 minutes. Bit of a long haul getting to Ananheim from Los Angeles, mostly because we were the last hotel to get dropped off. Everyone pretty cranky, tired and yet wired up by bedtime.

Day 2: Disneyland! Spent 10 hours at Disneyland and California Adventure. Feet worn down to the ankles.

Day 3: Decided to do something different. Rented a car and drove down to the coast. We were aiming for Huntington’s but couldn’t find parking until Laguna. I’m not kidding. Everyone in California was at the beach today. Spent 2 hours at the beach and about 5 hours driving. We are very sandy. The beach part was fun though, (ohmigod the WAVES!) and the countryside is beautiful. Only downside the traffic and Griffin is only good for about an hour in the car, and then he’s all “am I buggin you?” “Am I bugging you?” Good to have a little independence though.

This evening we’re just moisturizing sunburns, I actually got to the fitness centre (all this eating out is taking a toll) and doing laundry. I hope housecleaning can vacuum out all the sand in our suite tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Calvin’s birthday and more Disneyland. We will aim to catch the earliest shuttle and get there for the Magic Morning. For those people with a 3-day pass you can choose one morning to get into the park before the general public. Tomorrow’s our attempt to access this little perk. Wish us luck.

It’s all going really well. We’re having a great time, even though sometimes it’s a little too much togetherness, you know?

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2 Responses to Disneyland!

  1. Happy Birthday Calvin!!!!! What a way to turn 10…in Disneyland.

    Have a great day!!!

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